Wireless Home Surveillance Cameras -Monitor Your Home While you are Away

Look around, there are surveillance cameras everywhere. You see them on traffic corners. They are on buildings everywhere. Many people think of them as intrusive, but try to see them another way. Video surveillance cameras are trending and are not going away.

If you haven’t already installed wireless home surveillance cameras in your home, you are being left behind. Worse, you are setting yourself up to be victimized. I know some people don’t like these cameras everywhere, but consider this, if you are seeing them so are criminals.

A criminal is less likely to commit an offense if he knows he is being recorded. Studies have shown that the mere presence of Red Light cameras has reduced instances of vehicles running red lights. This has made intersections safer.

The presence of these cameras has made the streets safer, If the presence of red light cameras keeps ordinary citizens from running red lights doesn’t it make sense to think the presence of cameras in homes prevents burglaries?



Go to the Beach and Still Watch Your Home

With most wireless systems, one can monitor one’s home from their smart phone with an App from anywhere. In the past it has been difficult to enjoy vacations from worrying about home security. With the advent of technology, one can enjoy the beach and still monitor their home.

These apps will notify the homeowner if there is motion from any of their cameras. Some apps give one the ability to lock doors or turn on lights. Having these options gives homeowners peace of mind. It is always liberating when people can take control of their own home security.



To Catch a Thief

There have been numerous incidents around the country where the presence of security cameras have helped catch thieves. From the Selma Times-Journal Dateline November 18, 2017, the headline reads “Neighbors, Security Cameras Help Police Nab Burglar.” From WKRN Nashville, dateline November 6, 2017, “Home Surveillance Catches Car Burglars in North Nashville.”

On November 17, 2017, NBC affiliate KGW in Portland, Oregon reported, “CASTLE ROCK, Wash. — An app on a Cowlitz County man’s smartphone helped bust a would-be burglar at his Castle Rock home on Wednesday.” November 2, 2017, Jacksonville, Florida, Jenna Bourne of Action News Jax reported, “Caught on Cam, Burglar Sneaks into Jacksonville Home as Family Sleeps.”

In each of these cases the burglars were apprehended or identified because of the presence of video cameras.

FBI Burglary Statistics

According to the FBI there are over two million burglaries per year accounting for over 4.6 Billion dollars in lost property. Out of all of those burglaries only 13% are cleared. Use of Home Video Surveillance will dramatically increase the clearance rates for those homes and act as a deterrent.

  • 2.1 million burglaries occur nationally per year.
  • 73.9% of all burglaries were residential.
  • Of all burglaries, 60.5 percent involved forcible entry, 33.2 percent were unlawful entries (without force), and the remainder (6.3 percent) were forcible entry attempts.
  • Victims of burglary offenses suffered an estimated $4.6 billion in lost property per year; overall, the average dollar loss per burglary offense was $2,119.


Go Wireless

There are many types of security systems and cameras for your home. Some companies offer a wired system. I believe wireless is much better than a wired system. The wireless system offers superior technology. They are less expensive and easier to install. Wireless systems offer freedom and mobility.

I remember having a phone line tied to the wall. You couldn’t move around freely. As a kid, we had a single phone in the house and it was attached to the wall in our hall. We could only use a phone where there was an outlet.

Cell phones are superior to “land lines.” Most people have traded their wired phone lines for the convenience of cellular phones. The same philosophy should be applied to your home security system.

My Experience

In a previous post I related my experience with not having security cameras. Our family pet Shaggy was poisoned in our back yard and we were never able to identify a suspect. It was traumatic for our family, especially to our granddaughter. I determined that we would add security cameras.

I went to a local hardware store and bought a system. This system had wires and the instructions were detailed and complicated. I needed an electric outlet. The supplies needed to install included a drill. It involved climbing into the attic to run wires everywhere.

We were frustrated. I wanted to install this myself, but felt completely overwhelmed. We were talking to a friend and he said he had installed wireless cameras in his home and it was really quick and easy. This system used superior technology. The cameras were HD and offered sound.

I immediately returned the system I had bought. My friend had purchased his wireless system through Amazon Prime. We were already a member of Amazon Prime so I found the system and ordered it. My security system arrived in two days and I installed the five cameras and the sync module in about an hour.

Each camera was mounted by a single screw. I placed one inside on my front door. One outside pointing towards our mailbox. One outside down my driveway. We placed one camera where it was overlooking our swimming pool and one pointed at our back door on the patio. This system has the capability to add up to five more cameras on my system and I plan on doing this eventually.


My cameras give me peace of mind. When I first installed them I would turn them on at night and leave them off during the day while we were home. I now leave mine on continuously. The motion sensors alert me when someone is around any camera.

For an added benefit, parents can know exactly what time their teenagers arrive home with video evidence. I like having access to these videos. This system has the capability to lock a video and save it if needed. This system has the capability to view them from my smart phone anytime I need to.

Are you considering upgrading to a home video security system? Consider wireless, you will not regret it.

6 Comments on Wireless Home Surveillance Cameras -Monitor Your Home While you are Away

  1. Hey Ron,

    I think security cameras are one of the most effective ways to prevent a burglary, especially if they are in plain view.

    I’ve heard similar things with ADT or Vivint signs on people’s front lawns as a crime deterrent. It’s crazy how good the technology is now in this area and the wireless cameras seem like a SOLID way to hopefully prevent but, if not, capture the intruder on camera.

    I enjoyed reading this article. Thanks,


    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my post, Dom. I believe in using all this technology to make our lives a little safer and a little easier. I appreciate your feedback.

  2. Yes we to can play big brother on each other, But for security reasons there is nothing better.

    1. Thank you for your response Maurice. I do understand the “Big Brother” concerns. I certainly don’t want anyone invading my privacy. When someone enters my property without my consent, they are invading my privacy and I want on record. I appreciate you taking time to comment.

  3. Ron,

    You are spot on with this post. The world we live in requires security camera’s, it just does. Like you mentioned so very well in this post, just the presence of a camera can deter a would-be thief. Noone likes to be watched all the time but the fact remains, the bad guys are still out there. I choose to live with the technology and not push back. The camera’s on street intersections cut back on idiots running red lights or worse. That is just one example.
    This is a well written and informative post. I enjoyed it and I agree with you 100%
    I have bookmarked and will be back

    Nice work

    Take Care

    1. Todd, Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and respond. I genuinely appreciate your input. I am still in the learning phase and am trying to make my posts better and more informative.

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